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What is Delta Sigma Pi?

As the only nationally recognized co-ed professional organization on Duke’s campus, Delta Sigma Pi is a diverse and tight-knit community of motivated individuals looking to help each other succeed in their personal, academic, and professional aspirations. Joining DSP connects you to more than 80 distinguished members, a prestigious world-wide alumni network, exclusive networking opportunities with top firms, individual interview preparation, and more. Besides for the professional benefits, we are also a group that loves to have fun together - ask our members about their stories from our annual holiday party, semi-formal, cabin retreats, and dinners in Durham. Delta Sigma Pi is more than a club - it’s a community comprised of some of your closest friends at Duke that also happen to be the most professionally prepared students on campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Besides for being a nationally recognized business organization, DSP is one of the most diverse co-ed organizations on Duke’s campus in terms of our brothers’ backgrounds, interests, and aspirations. We are united by our willingness to support each other in achieving our academic and professional goals. If you’re looking for mentorship and guidance on identifying careers that are the best fit for you, navigating the complicated professional recruitment process, finding upperclassmen mentors, and spending time with some of your closest friends in college, DSP is the organization for you.

    Beginning in the first few weeks of the fall and spring semesters, recruitment consists of two rounds of professional and social events designed to help prospective members determine whether or not DSP is the right fit for them. After the first round, prospective members that have made a good impression and demonstrated promising fit will be invited to a second round. We encourage all Freshmen and Sophomore students that are interested in joining to follow our Facebook and Instagram to be updated when recruitment starts and come out to an info session to learn more.

    Not at all! Most of our brothers are also affiliated with other social organizations on campus like fraternities, sororities, and selective living groups (SLGs).

    Yes you can! A lot of our brothers recruited more than once. In fact, we encourage potential recruits to try again even if they aren’t accepted the first time as it is a very competitive process.

    It varies by member as what you put into our organization is what you will get out of it. Our new members are required to complete our new member education program which includes mandatory attendance at a weekly meeting and a few other events. Additionally, brothers are required to attend monthly chapter meetings and recruitment events in the beginning of each semester.

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